CountryTime Alpacas

Updated Website!

Here’s to 2017 and lots of new projects and meeting new customers!

We have had lots of snow and cold weather to start of the new year and I’ve spent first few days of the year working on my computer rather than in the studio.  It has taken many hours to put a dent in one of my New Year’s goals - completely redo/update our website.  

Fun process learning new website software (updates no longer available for Freeway Pro which I used to create previous versions of our website).  So Everweb is new software and has been fairly easy to use.  Many hours spent sorting photos and writing text trying to create easy-to-navigate site and communicate what we are about.  

My boss (that would me!) is happy to finally have some products listed online!  Watch for more updates and products to be listed soon!

Looking forward to getting busy in studio again and away from the computer for awhile ….  Hope to have heat on in studio tomorrow and working on carding fleece with rug project in mind.