CountryTime Alpacas


Rovings are approximately 25' of aligned fibers and are ready to be spun to yarn with minimal drafting or great to use in felting projects.

Batts are approximately 12" x 36" sheet of aligned fibers that can be stripped and spun to yarn or ready for use in felting projects.


Rovings & Batts

100% Alpaca Fiber


We shear our alpacas every spring and then fiber is skirted to remove debris and sort fibers, washed, dried, picked to open fleece and carded to align fibers.  Colored fiber is dyed in our studio after initial wash and then rewashed.  Each step of process is carefully done by hand ensuring high quality.  Fiber is taken off electric carder as a batt or pulled through a diz creating a roving of aligned fibers.  

Ready to be spun to yarn...

Excellent for felting projects!

Taking Roving Off Carder

$4.50/oz. Natural Colors

$5.00/oz. Dyed Colors


Grey - Huacaya


Lots of natural color roving available - white, fawn, grey and black.

Call for info.


Visit the Motor-In Moscow Farmers Market to purchase our rovings and other handcrafted products online

Online store open Tuesday 9am - Thursday 9am each week through the end of October

Pick-up available every Saturday in Moscow, ID at city hall parking lot

(email us to arrange USPS shipping if needed)

Below is a sampling of our rovings!